Here you will find the recipe for one of our clients favourite dishes, we call it Thaiviche, its a Thai twist on the classic South American cerviche, raw fish marinaded in acidic lime dressing.

Thaiviche (serves 12)


White snapper

Baby squid

Nam yum

Lime juice


Cilantro leaves

Red onion

Sunflower seeds



2 skinless and boneless fillets


3 tablespoons

2 tablespoons

2 cloves

2 tablespoons


40 seeds

2-3 pieces to taste

Nam Yum (classic Thai dressing)


Fish sauce


Lime juice

Fresh sliced chili   


20 ml

20 grs

20  ml

1 unit   


1.  Cut the baby squid in quarters and bread crumb the pieces with flour first then egg and bread crumbs and heat up oil for deep frying.

2. Slice the onions as thin as possible place in a bowl and add a quarter of a cup of salt then massage the salt into the onions for about a minute and rinse well. Then crush the chili with a pestle and mortar.

3. Once completed make your nam yum followed by adding the lime juice, chopped garlic, onions, crushed chili  and chopped cilantro. Let it marinate in the fridge.

4. Slice the fish thin and on an angle to make the pieces wider then place the fish in the marinade making sure you coat the pieces of fish really well in the sauce and leave to rest

5. Then fry your crumbed squid in oil at around 200 degrees Celsius, then remove from the oil when they start to turn golden, and leave on a kitchen towel to soak up the excess

6. Place the sliced fish in a bowl followed by the baby squid and add some sunflower seeds.   


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