We're changing what it means to dine-out.

The Thai Experience is a brand new dining concept that brings together the very best elements of a dinner party; fantastic food, delicious cocktails, fun and laughter with other guests and knowledgeable hosts. You really can forget everything you know about going to dinner, as The Thai Experience is so much more than that. From the moment our minibus arrives to the moment it collects you again, our staff will spoil you with some of the best Thai cuisine on the island and keep the cocktails flowing throughout the night.

 Things to do on Koh Samui, The Thai Experience is Koh Samui's newest communal dining experience

Housed in a beautifully decorated dining room, our communal dining table makes meeting fellow travelers easy. Housing up to 20 guests, the intimate setting allows for easy interaction and free flowing conversations with plenty of laughter that means you will be sure to leave with a whole new set of friends before the evening is over, you may end up meeting people to go travelling with. 

 The Thai Experience includes Koh Samui's most original cocktail class
 The Thai Experience on Koh Samui, our cocktail class will let you choose your favourite out of 3 cocktails, and learn how to make your own!

Begin the evening by trying your hand at making one of our unique tropical fruit based cocktails from scratch in our introductory cocktail class and enjoy all night. If cocktails are not your thing then we also offer  local beer so you can sit back, and not have to worry about an ever increasing bar tab, it's all included in the price! If you are on a detox, we have alcohol free, virgin alternatives to make sure everyone is catered for, the perfect way to accompany the cuisine. 

 The Thai Experience on Koh Samui Thai food sharing platter

Designed to be the ultimate dinner party, our 15 dish, 3 course meal has been lovingly created by both Thai and foreign chefs to deliver the perfect introduction to the incredible cuisine for which Thailand is renowned, with a slice of international perspective to bring you high quality food unlike any on the island. Thailand is famous for its food and Thai cuisine is popular all over the world, so our set menu covers some of the more well known dishes, as well as some that you may find unfamiliar, all of which add up to make The Thai Experience one of the best activities on Koh Samui

 The Thai Experience guides teaching how to order Thai food

Finally, our blend of friendly English-speaking locals and expat guides are on hand to entertain you every step of the way, teach you a little about Thailand's amazing culture, give you travel recommendations and answer all of your questions! If you need to know what the best beach on the island is or if you have any questions about Thai culture then our guides will have you covered! Being extroverted is a key requirement for being a guide with us, and all our guides are trained to make sure the conversations remain fun and free flowing. 

The Thai Experience is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, subject to availability, and the experience itself lasts for approximately 3 - 4 hours, excluding transfer times. We aim for everyone to arrive between 7:00pm and 7:15pm in order to begin the experience at 7:30pm. The dinner finishes promptly at 11:00pm where you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Join us and let us spoil you for an evening!